This Is Our Story

Outer Edge Adventure Park was built in 2016 by the owners Cheryl and Terry Deck on the valley side acreage setting where they reside. Terry was born and grew up on the acreage located on the outer edge of the Lumsden Valley. He witnessed first-hand many visitor's expressions of pure awe, as they overlooked the beautiful view.

As parents of three children, they knew the importance of doing things together as a family, both work and play. They witnessed their local community's and southeast Saskatchewan's lack of outdoor fun, family-friendly things to do and wanted a change.

Terry, a contractor by trade and a doer by heart, built the first zip line (Now known as Line #7) initially in 2012 for his family and close friends to use on special occasions. After a much positive response by those who witnessed the spectacular view and sheer enjoyment on the faces of those who rode the line and repeatedly hearing "That was so fun, you should open it to the public!" They decided to do just that. A relatively easy decision to make for both entrepreneurial-minded spirits.

Cheryl grew up on a farm near Yorkton, Saskatchewan, learning all about nature, both plants and animals and the impact of both in daily life. Her goal was to share her experience and knowledge about many of nature's treasures found on the property. She added a nature interpretive walk aspect and Valley fact stations to the zipline pathways for all to enjoy.

Both Cheryl and Terry knew the importance of preserving nature wherever possible and protecting the environment. The park was built with an eco-friendly twist-by using a recycled sea container as the park's registration center/gift shop. The building is powered by solar panels and wind power, along with using eco-friendly products wherever possible.

With each partner and child playing a pivotal role, the park's name Outer Edge Adventure Park was established. Its construction began in August of 2016 with doors opened to the public on May 20th, 2017 for all adventurers to enjoy!

Since then, over 4200 adventure loving souls have experienced an Outer Edge adventure. All greeted by a quick smile, friendly conversation combined with a little innocent banter at times and a heartfelt thank you for coming from Cheryl, the company's CEO.

From zip lines or rock wall climbing to our park's furnished suite rentals, together with Terry and THE BEST ZIP LINE AND ROCK CLIMBING GUIDES EVER, they strive to make any Outer Edge experience one to remember.

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