Classroom Bookings

Want to get your student's attention? Looking for a new and exciting idea for a class field trip? Treat your class or camp to an exciting zip line outdoor adventure they will not forget! Give your troops the opportunity to "conquer their fears" while learning about many plants, common local vegetation and history of Saskatchewan's beautiful Lumsden Valley while on the combined interpretive walk tour.

Physical Fitness, Education and Fun...all rolled up in one is the best way to describe what your group will receive at Outer Edge Adventure Park.

Classroom adventure group bookings are available during regular park hours (based on availability) or contact us regarding other available times. Your classroom will be divided into groups prior to your booked date (provided by the school/teacher before your tour date). Each group must have at least TWO helpers (parent or teacher), zip with each group.

What to do? What to do!

Package 1
Big Zipper Lines

  • Grade Levels: 4-12
  • Group Size: 8 people (adult and children combined)
  • Price: $45/student/teacher/parent helpers + GST
  • Complimentary group photo taken at a zip line tower to share on school web site
  • Riders must be a minimum age of 8. Adult must ride on the tour if rider is between ages 8-14

*This is for an approximate 2-3 hour tour (depends on comfort levels and group size)

Enjoy zippin' through trees and over ravines on our Big Zipper seven high wire zip lines. Your troops will be encouraged to overcome any fear of heights they may have in a safe and fun fashion by none other than good ol' fashion play. After all it is REALLY cool and hip to zip!

Package 2
Climbing Wall, Lil Zipper Lines

  • Grade Levels: K+
  • Group Size: up to 8 (children)
  • Price: $25/student + GST
  • Complimentary group photo taken at a zip line tower to share on school web site

*This is for an approximate 2-3 hour time frame

Our guides will divide the participants into groups (depending on numbers) and escort them throughout the stations helping each adventurer "Live On The Edge" in a safe and fun way, using the art of games and play.

Package 3
Rock Climbing Wall

  • Grade Levels: K+
  • Group Size: up to 8
  • Price: $15/climber + GST
  • Complimentary group photo taken at the rockwall to share on school website

* Average group of 8 take up to 2 hours on the wall, Larger groups will be divided into multiple smaller groups.

Guides will connect and disconnect climbers to each of our three auto belay routes, helping and cheering them on as they climb their way to the top. Playing games and having races (even with our guides) is ALWAYS a great way to have fun as climbers show off their skills.

Prior to tour day, each tour group must:

On tour day each rider:

Bottled water, other refreshments and snacks are available for purchase inside The See Can building. Public washrooms are available in the park.

Ready to book your classroom adventure?

To book your classroom adventure, please call our office at 306-537-4FUN (4386) or send us an email at You can expect to hear back from us within 48 hours to confirm the booking or supply you with the information you need.

In order for you to book and reserve your group's spot, a non-refundable deposit of $10/ rider is required and payable at the time of booking. The Outer Edge office must receive the balance for each rider's adventure along with completed participant waiver forms and confirmed zipper numbers no later than 14(fourteen) days prior to the booked adventure. No deposit refunds will be given for zippers that are unable to attend. Payment options for both deposit and balance include:

  1. Cheque for deposit with a credit card backup
  2. Credit card for both deposit and balance

Full payment must be received in full BEFORE you ride - no exceptions.

Please make all cheques payable to Outer Edge Adventure Park Ltd. and mail them to:
Outer Edge Adventure Park
P.O. Box 1115
Lumsden, SK S0G 3C0

Outer Edge gift certificates cannot be used toward school tour groups.

Can School Bookings be Cancelled?
Of course they can, as long as the Outer Edge office receives at least 48 hours notice by email at
All deposits are non-refundable. If you choose to cancel and would like to re-book another time within the same season, we will transfer the deposits and balance payments to the revised booked date. Outer Edge Adventure Park allows one booking date change at NO CHARGE.

Note: If you/your party arrive (s) for your tour under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs, you will be charged in full and will automatically forfeit your zip line adventure or activity and will be asked to vacate the premises at once. No exceptions. If any behaviour interferes with other guest's ability to enjoy their experience, it will be dealt with at once and you may be asked to leave. We ask that you do your part in helping ensure ALL, Outer Edge Adventure Park guests have a positive, safe and memorable experience.

Outer Edge Adventure Park management and staff reserve the right to ask you to leave immediately at their discretion without refund.

Although staff will make every effort to give you an awesome experience, we reserve the right to cancel tours, change tour layouts and make changes to prices and days of operation. Please ensure you arrive at least 20 minutes prior to the start of your scheduled tour time and have your participant waiver form ready and fees paid PRIOR to your scheduled time. We strive on not keeping other guests waiting.

All Big Zipper participants must meet the Big Zipper requirements. Minimum age of 8 and weight between 50-250 lbs.

Rock Wall guests must weigh between 40-250 lbs.

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